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The MLM Problem
The MLM Solution – “The A2Z of MLM Success eBook”
What are the main Contents?
Why is it called the A2Z of MLM Success?
Who Needs This eBook?
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When Donald Trump made an appearance on the David Letterman show, Dave asked him what he would do if he lost everything and had to start over from scratch. Without hesitating, Donald Trump said that he would find a good network marketing company and get to work. The audience started to hoot and boo him. He looked out at the audience and dead-panned his response, "That's why I'm sitting up here and you are all sitting out there!”
- Donald Trump

Are you trying to build a more successful MLM Business? Do you need help to get the MLM message through to new prospects?

Well, you have definitely come to the right place today!

The MLM Problem

Every year, millions of people all around the world start and try to build a successful MLM business. We attend Opportunity presentations and rallies, do presentations to our friends, try on-line help resources and read books about how to be more successful in our MLM business, right?

Whether you are part-time or full time, to some extent you ‘get’ MLM. You see the potential, you have set lofty goals for your MLM business, but you might not have turned the potential into the results you want … YET … 

Peter Fleming in his true professional style has produced yet another masterpiece. His book the A2Z of MLM Success is an educational, inspirational motivational resource that will get you & your team results!

Michael Prichard, Australia …Very successful Network Marketing leader, Entrepreneur & Self made multi-millionaire.

You know the kind of things I’m talking about, right? You see the potential to experience:

  • Time Freedom.

  • Working From Home.

  • Making More Money.

  • Quitting The Job You Detest.

  • Starting A New Business.

  • Spending More Time With The Family.

  • Traveling The World.

  • Firing Your Boss.

  • Being Healthier.

  • Retiring Young.

EDIS - Every Day Is Special and today Peter Fleming made MY day special. After reading A2Z I now know that I won’t have to spend valuable time explaining to new comers what MLM is about, A2Z will do it for me. A2Z gives you a good explanation of what the MLM distribution model is all about and at the same time saves you time and money not to fall into the trap of joining the "wrong" opportunity. I will definitely be recommending the book to others.

Carlos Oestby, Spain … Very successful Network Marketing leader and entrepreneur

Sometimes our MLM goals die of neglect just because we don’t have the right resources working for us. And that’s why many of us struggle needlessly with our MLM business and achieving the life we really want, just because we don’t have the proper tools.

Well, now there is the perfect tool designed for this purpose. Why let your competition get a head-start?

Hi, my name is Peter Fleming.

After 20 years of success in the corporate world, over 10 years in the world of finance followed my another 10 years in the world of management consulting and after spending at least $100,000 on personal development attending workshops all over the world, reading loads of “Self-help” books by some of the greatest success coaches in the world, I started my own business to provide services as an executive, life and career coach and a corporate trainer. I am also a published author (“Do What You Love, Love What You Do” 1997) and I can confidently (if rather immodestly) describe myself as something of an expert on business trends, goal-setting and success.

Somewhere along the line, I got introduced to MLM and like most people who first hear about MLM, I was skeptical. Very skeptical. However, a few things got me interested enough to look into it further and I started to look at it from the company’s perspective first and later from the distributor’s angle.

This book is a MUST READ for people serious about networking marketing. Insightful, Impactful and Informative! Build yourself, build your team and build your financial freedom! Let Peter’s “WACKO” ways transform your business and your life. If you value your life in network marketing, "A2Z of MLM Success" is a MUST READ! Wonderfully done Peter – Bravo!

Dave Rogers, Singapore, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Head Coach XL Results Foundation

There Is A Simple Roadmap to MLM Success.

I could clearly see the advantages from the company’s perspective especially those involved in products and services where PCE’s (Positive Consumer Experiences) conveyed through Word of Mouth were key. There are significant profitability and cash-flow advantages, which may not be apparent to the untrained eye and for these reasons, it enables for many businesses what I call “The Great Opportunity” for all sorts of providers of products and services to enjoy global growth which simply cannot be achieved any other way except by spending hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and promotion costs.

But if you are reading this, you will be far more interested in looking at things from the distributor’s perspective than the company’s perspective, right? Sure you are. And when I started to look at things from that angle, I discovered a few things, not least that I needed to get to know more about this model. So I attended a bunch of Opportunity meetings done by drab presenters, all slanting their presentations towards their product, the price, the compensation plan etc – you know what I’m talking about, right? You’ve been there, done that and maybe even bought the T-shirt!?

When the penny dropped, things changed forever.

None of these presentations excited me at all. I just didn’t get the point. Why would I want to get involved in selling vitamins? Or face cream? Or whatever it was that they were promoting? I was a busy executive and didn’t have time for such things and I became frustrated. Until one day I attended a presentation and it all started to make sense. There were not many people in attendance so I was able to ask questions to the presenter and actually someone else in the audience answered the question and I am sure glad they did.

When I got the answer (still a little vague and rough around the edges, but making enough sense to hold my attention), it almost blew me away, I just couldn’t get over it. I could hardly sleep. A few things suddenly started to make sense and I could see what all the fuss was about. I suspect that I might have been the only one who did, including the lady who had answered my question!

The idea that I introduce a few people to a product (which I would recommend anyway for free) and get paid for doing so was appealing but not extremely exciting. Getting paid on the sales that my recruits made started to sound more exciting and getting paid something on the sales made by my recruit’s recruits and so on and so forth became very exciting indeed!

MLM Success is an Orchestra Not a One-Man Band.

The idea that I’d get a commission on a sale made by the last guy in my team who I probably didn’t even know and possibly living on the other side of the world, was like WOW!

From time to time to time you come across a book that stops you in your tracks and you think: “About time!” This is one such book. There is a good read on every page all of which are easily actionable. This one has style and substance and is a worthwhile investment.

Ray Bigger, UK, … Successful Corporate Trainer, Consultant, MBA (and former EPL soccer referee)

One-time effort, continuing paycheck. Ultimate Leverage. Even more WOW!

Now, I know it’s never as simple as that, but when I “got” this basic concept, I realized that with a plan and a system, this could be really interesting, so I got to work. In my first venture, within a few months, I had a team exceeding 1,500 distributors. Not bad for a novice. Imagine the kind of money YOU would be making in your existing company (or the one you are considering) if you had over 1,500 distributors. A pretty decent amount of cash coming in every month, I would think.

However, I found that while I could talk to businesspeople and tell a compelling story about why MLM may be a good opportunity for them, many people in my team didn’t really have the business background nor the personal credibility nor the contacts to open doors to speak to higher level businessmen and women in the way I could.

This bothered me a lot because to run a successful MLM business, duplication is key, otherwise you never make the big bucks.

I trained my group and continue to do training around business, leadership, teamwork, communication and the MLM philosophy, both for my own team and occasionally as a generic MLM trainer. However, this cannot reach as many people as I want to reach. People can’t always attend the training. Venues are sometimes tough or expensive to arrange, you know what I mean…

So, to cut a long story short, I came up with the bright idea to “duplicate” myself through an e-Book and my team loved it so much, I decided to upgrade it, add more content, make it generic to any MLM venture and make it available to you NOW.

Peter Fleming brings together the timeless wisdom of the East and West in this inspiring and information packed book! This very straightforward, no-nonsense guide takes you step by step from asking the right questions to choosing the right opportunities and implementing a success strategy based on solid business fundamentals. Peter clearly outlines a long term recipe for success encouraging you to set a realistic pace that honors your personal and financial commitments by charting a balanced and purposeful course of action. This is not a one read book. It’s the kind of resource that I can use for guidance, advice or perspective whenever I feel I need it. There is something for everyone in “A2Z”.

Deborah Torres-Patel, USA … Leading presentation and voice coach

It’s your personal marketing tool. It allows you to present the wonderful concept of MLM to friends and family so that they can understand it better and don’t reject it straight away simply because they have heard something negative about the MLM concept.

Also, and this is very important, if your friend or family member rejects the ideas in this e-book, they are rejecting the idea or maybe the way I, Peter Fleming present it – they are not rejecting you or the way you present it! And that has been a problem before, right? Even if you are confident in prospecting and presenting the MLM concept to others, at least some (and probably many) of your people are not so comfortable.

Their fear of rejection can become so strong, they simply stop trying. But now there is an additional option…

Now, they can prospect to people at all levels including CEO’s, senior managers, housewives, students, in fact anyone who you think can use some extra money in YOUR business. There’s an old saying that “MLM is for everyone but not everyone is for MLM” and I believe that’s probably true, but why not do whatever you can to improve your odds for success?

Obviously, this e-Book won’t actually get your prospect to sign the application form – you still have some work to do - but it is specifically designed to set the scene, raise awareness, break the ice, lower objections and educate your prospects so they can start to feel the same way about MLM that you do (or did).

Now, all you need is a proper prospect list, a big goal that you want to achieve in life (which MLM can help towards), a handful of licensed copies of this e-Book and you have all you need to reach your goal of having a huge income and working from home in your pajamas! Would you like that?

  • Would you like to sponsor more CEO’s? More senior businessmen/women? More housewives? More students?

  • Would you like to reduce objections, reduce resistance and reduce skepticism?

  • Would you like to be, to have and to do more in your life?

  • Isn’t that why you started your MLM business in the first place?

The eBook!

“Peter Fleming is a master communicator and an inspiring entrepreneur. His A2Z of MLM Success E-Book is full of gems that every serious network marketer needs. Buy it!”

Roger Hamilton, Bali … Asia’s leading Wealth Consultant & best-selling author of “Wink and Grow Rich”


  • MLM has created more millionaires in recent times than just about anything else

  • MLM success starts with effective sponsoring which is achieved through effective prospecting and presenting

  • MLM prospecting might be ok for you and me but it scares many of our team members and new recruits

  • MLM is about achieving success for ourselves by making other people successful

  • MLM can help us (and our team members) make all our dreams come true if we can just access the right tools

  • MLM creates suspicion, skepticism and even hatred to many people who just don’t understand it

  • MLM, when properly understood, can and will generate extreme enthusiasm and offers multiple solutions

  • MLM success requires following the right system, using the right tools and having the right mindset.

And it’s with all this in mind that I present to you this great new e-book.


"The A2Z of MLM Success"


Congratulations on a well thought out, well presented book on our industry! Its easy-to-read format should definitely help all newcomers to MLM. I wish you the greatest of luck!

Jaynie D Morris, Australia … Director, Jaymor Health Pty Ltd & International MLM Leader for over 15 years

Who Needs This?

Let’s be honest, it’s not tough to think of examples of people in our team who:

  • Start an MLM business but lose their initial enthusiasm when their success is not immediate

  • Are unable to explain properly to people why MLM is a great opportunity

  • Are afraid to talk to prospects because they fear rejection

  • Can’t distinguish between a prospect rejecting the message versus rejecting them personally

  • Start an MLM business then neglect it

  • Lack the willpower or skills to properly pursue their MLM dreams

  • Have some of the resources to succeed, but not all

  • Don’t quite understand the key concepts of success and could use some help

  • Wish they had a great prospecting tool to help them

… so there’s no doubt that there’s a need to help our team to do better MLM prospecting, better presentation of the MLM opportunity and better knowledge of MLM in general and it’s exactly these needs that "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book is designed to help with.

"The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book answers the 10 BIG Questions that all MLM newbies (and even some MLM old-timers) want to have answered and in so doing, removes the mystery, uncertainty and doubt that surround this great industry and open their minds to the very real possibility that not only is MLM a viable and moral business opportunity but that THEY can see themselves being successful in it.

How useful would that be for you? And how useful for your team members?

If you are ever going to make a fortune in MLM, using this simple tool will be one of the turning points in your MLM success.

It is my fervent hope that you will look back on your decision today to invest in this e-Book and acknowledge it in future success stories about yourself.

Summary of Contents!

This easy-to-read e-Book answers the following 10 BIG Questions:

1. How Did MLM Start?:

The History of MLM, who started it and why? You might be surprised!

Why is this important?

2. What Are The Basics of MLM?

Why would any business use MLM rather than other marketing methods?

What on earth is WOM?

How does MLM actually work?

How is MLM different from Pyramid schemes and what should you look out for?

What are the main differences between MLM and “Regular” businesses?

3. Who Wins Through MLM?

Why is it the ultimate Win-Win-Win business model?

Can everyone win?

4. Why Do People Join MLM?

What is the #1 reason people join MLM? Clue: Making money is NOT the answer!

What is the #2 reason people join MLM? Clue: Making money is still NOT the answer!

What kind of money is it possible to earn in MLM?

Why will MLM always be superior compared to a regular business model?

What is WITWIGO and why should I care?

What are the shocking CORE trends in the world that I need to be aware of?

How does MLM help me address these alarming trends?

What does Rich Dad Poor Dad tell us?

Why are so many people getting into MLM right now?

How many people will get into MLM in the near future? And why?

Why then do some people hate MLM? (at least before reading this e-Book!!)

5. What is the Most Important Thing to Understand in MLM?

What is the 8-letter word that if people don’t “get”, MLM will forever be a mystery?

When is one cent per day better than ten dollars per day?

What is the simplest system to financial freedom ever devised?

If you had 100,000 hours, how would you prefer to spend it?

Do you want to be among the 3% who “get” this and therefore own 97% of the wealth?

6. What is the Second Most Important Thing to Understand in MLM?

What is the other thing that people really need to “get” about MLM?

How many TTP’s are there? Clue: it’s more than you think!

Students and teachers welcome!

7. What Are The Keys to MLM Success?

Many of you have succeeded, many have failed – but do you really know why?

What are the 5 R’s that are critical to your MLM success?

What is the most important R? Clue: it is nothing to do with sponsoring

8. What Kind of Person Does Well in MLM?

What characteristics do successful MLM'ers have?

Why would you want more “WACKO” people in your MLM team?

How do I ensure I don’t end up in the “MLM graveyard”?

What are the top 4 reasons why people don’t do well in MLM (apart from being deliberately misled)?

What 4 questions should I ask to avoid being bamboozled?

9. How to Choose Among So Many MLM Opportunities?

What are MLM "CUTIES" and why is understanding them going to be absolutely critical?

When evaluating an opportunity, how do I rank: (1) Industry (2) Company (3) Products?

10. Should I get involved in MLM?

  Here’s where you get your prospect to align to your specific opportunity

And that’s not all!

After that, there are 52 “Themes for the week”, 2 for each letter of the alphabet. Each is on 1-page and they are chock full of simple yet meaningful lessons and actions to positively influence the mindset of your team members (and yourself) which leads to positive action and greater success MLM and indeed in life!

The 52 themes of the "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book are:

Due Diligence
Home-Based Business
Life-Work Balance
Monday Morning
Employment Trends
Just Me
Key Activities
Pay Plan
Quiet Time
Razor’s Edge
Tipping Point
Will Do
Xtra Mile
Zero Zero One

In total, well over 100 pages of solidly valuable information for your business and life success.
It’s written in large fonts (16 pt) so that it can be comfortably read on your computer OR it can be printed.

Great Prospecting Tool. With "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book, you can simply provide your prospects a version of the e-Book, ask them to commit to reading it over a weekend (be sure to tell them there is no obligation to buy anything) and then follow up with them on Monday morning. Monday morning is a great time to follow up as most people will be starting out on a new week at a job they can’t stand, with a boss they can’t stand, in a company they can’t stand, working with colleagues they can’t stand and if they have read the book they will be in the right frame of mind to set up a discussion with you about your opportunity and if they are smart, they will already be thinking of the possibilities. That’s what you want isn’t it? If this book and this strategy doesn’t work, then it probably wasn’t meant to be anyway. They are just not in the “looking zone” at the present time.
Great Leadership Tool. With "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book, you can provide your team members a version of the e-Book (you have the option to ask them to pay of course), ask them to commit to reading it and set up a team meeting to discuss strategies (one excellent one is below) of how to use it to drive your prospecting and presentation results into orbit! Leaders don’t wait for everyone else to do something. They set the example and take the action for others to follow.
Great Training & Duplication Tool. And of course, in all cases, you can get your team members to do exactly the same as you do. This is real duplication! "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book can provide it all.

Great Tool!

When your payment is approved, you will be sent a confirmation email with all the information you need to get the e-book. It’s easily made available for you right into your e-mail Inbox instantly with all the instructions you need (there are hardly any!). The experience simply could not be easier!

“Bravo Peter! Your “A to Z” is excellent - filled with tangible, thoughtful tips. It’s a terrific tutorial for teaching MLM teams, and a great guide to self-directed success.”

Niale McLoughlin


How much do you think you would have to pay for such a great tool? A fortune right? Actually … nope!

Today, you can get your own copy of ”The A2Z of MLM Success” e-Book for an incredible offer price of US$79 just US$27

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for something that can help put you on the immediate path to becoming an MLM Millionaire!

So what are you waiting for? Stop Procrastinating!

Isn’t this exactly the kind of tool you always wanted?

And isn’t this the kind of action you have been telling yourself to take?

I know you are thinking I must be crazy to let it go for such a price.

Maybe I am! Well, there is a small catch, sort of. This price is not forever, so you need to act fast.

Within days, we will be selling this e-book worldwide at US$79 or even US$97 for one copy, maybe higher once we have fully tested demand. So why are we letting it go so cheap now?


I need more testimonials. And I need them fast. And as soon as I have enough, this offer will close, which I expect to be very soon. This e-book is relatively new and although it has received great reviews from a lot of people and we have a few great testimonials already (some of them are already posted on this website), we need more. A lot more. From all over the world and from all walks of life including your success stories, which parts of the e-book work best, how your team loved it, novel ideas of how to use the e-book etc . We want them all.

So, I am prepared to get this out to the market and by the sheer law of averages, some of you are going to really “get” and fully leverage and appreciate "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book and you are going to get some great results and you might want to help me out and help yourself as well!

Free Stuff!

Everybody loves free stuff, so here’s the deal:

Once you made the decision to invest in the e-Book (rather than adding hundreds of calories with the 2 cappuccinos and the cupcake), we will be delighted to hear from you with your testimonial.

In fact we will be so delighted that we will provide not 1, not 2 but 3 valuable bonus gifts for you.

That’s over $100 worth of goodies for you! ABSOLUTELY FREE!

All you need to do is to provide a great testimonial to me (A link will be provided when you download the eBook.

Isn’t that amazing?

So you really have nothing to lose by investing in the e-Book today!

I am totally excited by the prospect of helping millions of people throughout the world achieve even better results in all areas of their MLM business and their lives.

I am even more excited to have you (and your friends) become one of them TODAY.

Stop procrastinating about being a successful MLM leader and start achieving today!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best to you in Success,

Peter Fleming FCMA

P.S. Our market research indicates that while thousands will buy "The A2Z of MLM Success" e-Book for themselves, even more people will buy it for their friends and team members because they sincerely want to see them having more success in their lives ... and at just $27 it’s an absolute steal, don’t you agree??!!

P.P.S. Isn’t moving towards your goal worth 27 bucks? If your goal isn’t worth that, I want to wish you well in your life but would really want to coach you to aim a little higher!! For the rest of you (about 99.99% of anyone reading this) your goals and dreams have gotta be worth US$27 – about the same as a decent pizza and how much good will that do for you in achieving your life goals??!! And since $1 of from every order goes to charity, we can all feel good about that, especially those that you are helping.

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So, you have 2 choices right now. Eat your pizza or …

We feel confident that you will make the right choice. It’s been a privilege to have the opportunity to communicate with you today. All the best to you, your MLM business and your team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best to you in Success,

Peter Fleming FCMA

Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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